Join Boy Scouting!

Boy Scouting is an adventure waiting to happen! Imagine the thrill of whitewater rafting down the Genesse River... Imagine the splendor of canoeing across one of the Adirondak Region's pure, quiet lakes... Imagine leading a group of your closest friends on a backpacking trip in the Bristol Hills.... Imagine the competitive edge you will enjoy in corporate America, all because you are an Eagle Scout... Imagine your life, made better, because YOU were a Scout!

If you look at the current job market, it is apparent that having a college degree will not guarantee you employment. Attaining the Eagle Scout rank through the Boy Scouts can provide you with a competitive edge because it stands for a lot. Scouts are leaders, teachers, thinkers, and simply put — better men.


Don't hesitate to stop by one of our meetings or contact our Scoutmaste !. Generally, our meetings are held every Thurday that Greece Central Schools are in session, from September through May. Anyone is welcome to attend a meeting, but keep in mind, most of the fun happens at the monthly campouts!

For more information, email Scoutmaster Bill Fousse at

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